Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Abandoned houses that once were homes

Isn't it funny how certain childhood memories shape you?

As a young girl some of my most memorable Sundays were the country drives that led us to abandon houses.

My sister, parents and I would hop in the old woody wagon with a picnic lunch and head off on the back roads. I remember the feeling of mystery and excitement I felt walking through the once loved homes that for reasons only the past can reveal had been left in shambles.

Finding bird nests above aged but beautiful door frames, antique light fixtures hanging buy deteriorated crumpled electrical wire, old staircases leading to dilapidated second stories.

We would envision how our lives would be if we had lived there, even to the point of my sister and I arguing over who would get the best bedroom.  Placing imaginary furniture and window coverings in hopes of making it a stunning home once again.

Creating a home is a personal journey and my motto now and has always been
if you love is great design.

Can't you totally see an amazing breakfast nook in this space?
I'm sure this was once stunning





This reminds me of the house from Pippi Longstocking

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Welcome to City Cottage Style

Working on getting this blog up and running.  Until then, here is a list of 25 things about me or things that I love...

1.   I was born in the 60's
2.   I love my 2 kids...Gina & Frankie
3.   My husband and I live just outside of Toronto, Canada
4.   Hydrangeas are my favourite flower
5.   My first car was a 1969 Mustang
6.   I'm a hip Gramma to the light of my life, Madison
7.   As a kid, one summer I found 9 four leaf clovers
8.   I've been married twice
9.   My husband is American...born in Brooklyn, NY
10. Shabby Chic makes me happy
11. Favourite scent is anything orange
12. On my daughters 20th birthday I had my nose pierced...a tiny little diamond and I still love it
13. Empty nester and trying to like it
14. I love the water and dream of living one day with a water view of any kind
15. My favourite item in my home is a huge galvanized rooster
16. I've been a real estate agent, bartender, legal secretary, home stager and now,   owner of Wordology
17. I love spring and summer

18. Travelled to Italy when I was 19 years old
19. I love a bargain
20. I'm the oldest in my family
21. I have always made my kids birthday cakes
22. Sunshine makes me happy
23. I love anything with fonts or words on it
24. I married my husband in New Jersey and lived there for 5 years with my kids
25. I'm excited to share inspiration, DIY, recipes, makeovers and anything that leads to a humble, happy lifestyle and I look forward to hearing from you.


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